No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’re invited to be a part of a warm, welcoming, and friendly fitness family. 

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We’ve been serving the Downtown Norfolk community since early 2000’s and strategically located conveniently on Granby Street.

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Our GYMfit personal trainers are committed to your success. Let us give you the knowledge, motivation, and gameplan to reach your goals. Come in today to set up a free training session!

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Enjoy seven different workout zones on two spacious floors…you’ll never run out of room or equipment for your workout. 

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At the Gym Downtown, we strive to provide a healthy, professional, and energetic environment for all our members. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we’re here to help you reach your goals! 


Since 2003, The Gym Downtown has been the destination for fitness. Located on Granby street in the heart of Downtown, we are the perfect destination for your before and after work fitness routine and close to all of the fashionable apartments and city homes. Our club is VERY spacious and chock full of equipment.  We offer 7 workout zones within one boutique club.  

Take your fitness to the next level by working with one of our passionate NFKgym Fit Personal Trainers Too!  Receive a free consultation today.

Since we’re your neighborhood club, we offer a discount to downtown residents and workers, first responders, students, Gov’t staff, and of course our great MILITARY, and membership usually includes CLASSES at no extra charge.  

Neighborhood discounts come with your membership.  Just show your GYM DT key tag and you’ll receive discounts to many of your favorite neighboring restaurants and retail!

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Gym Downtown NFKgym Fit personal trainers are committed to your success. If you’re looking for someone with the knowledge and experience to push you to the next level, then a personal trainer is waiting to help you. Regardless of your fitness journey, we’re ready to be a part of it. The first training session/consultation is on us, so email to arrange your complimentary session with Danny Arnez and introduction to our NFKgym Fit Personal Training Team!

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There is a great class for everyone so don’t delay, join us. Looking to increase your flexibility? Drop in for Calisthenics. Do you want to have a strong abdominal section..remember that all strength comes from the core? Then you’ll want to join the core class as a part of your routine. Want a fun way to work cardio?  HIIT training  and Wylde Ride spin style class will push you.   Best of all, classes are free with your membership!   Now is the time to take it to the next level.

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“Bobby’s core class has been a god send.  For more than 5 years, I have been bothered by chronic injuries – two from accidents and one from golf. It’s now hard to remember what they were.  My golf shots are longer and straighter.  Only 30 minutes a week, improvements started after the first class.”

– Steve, Norfolk


“What makes this place special is not just the extensive equipment or the lineup of classes but rather the people. When you have people who truly want to help you succeed on your side, you feel that can truly accomplish anything!”

-Natalie, Virginia Beach


“The best Gym in Virginia, hands down. The greatest atmosphere and environment to be around, with an awesome staff to help assist and to complete your every need and exceed all or your goals and expectations!”

-Brad, Norfolk